Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kylee's new rainbow canopy

I went to Hobby Lobby for some retail therapy after a day of DRAMA on Facebook and decided to make a rainbow canopy for Kylee's bed.  I always wanted a canopy over my bed when I was growing up and every princess deserves one. :)  I bought 3 yards each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple tulle and a sky blue embroidery hoop.  I cut each color of tulle in half lengthwise and looped it over the hoop leaving about 3 inches and pinned each piece.  I put the other part of the hoop on and tightened it up then hand sewed around the whole thing so that if the hoop came apart for some reason, the tulle wouldn't.
I took some 24 gauge silver colored copper zebra wire that I had in my beading supplies and wired the hoop shut in 4 different places.  I used the same wire to attach the hoop to the ceiling over the bed.  I put nails into the ceiling leaving them out a little bit in 4 different places so that there would be a nail on each side of the hoop in 4 places.  I looped the wire around the nail, then under the hoop, and around the other nail, then I hammered the nails all the way in.  It seems very secure.
My daughter saw it for the first time this afternoon when she came home and she said "Thank you so much, mommy!  It's so wonderful!"  (she uses big words for a 3 1/2 year old)  She kept saying her room was Awesome and Beautiful and that she loved it.  She is very excited to sleep in her new rainbow bed tonight. 
Now I just need to get her some matching sheets...

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