Monday, April 4, 2011

my little mermaid

This is Kylee's mermaid costume.  I made the skirt out of an old blue prom dress that I actually never wore anywhere except Walmart one crazy night with my friends.  I didn't use a pattern, just eyeballed it.  The flowers and the straps for what Kylee calls her "shell boobies" were made from felt and the rainbow stripey fabric was just some extra I had lying around from another project.  The "shell boobies" are made from shoulder pads.  I made the round pouches for the bra and put the felt straps in at the same time so that they were connected already when I turned the pouches inside out.  I left a gap in the bottom of each pouch to put in the shoulder pads.  I cut the shoulder pads to the right size after I made the pouches.  It's a lot easier to cut the shoulder pads to the right size after making the pouches than it is to make pouches the right size to fit the pads.  I used felt to make the flowers and hand sewed them on for some fancy finishing touches.

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